The Enforc Hygiene System


The Enforc Hygiene System was invented by Enforc Hygiene LLC.  The Edge Prototype team developed the first prototype for the Enforc System including a fully functional and fully portable sink and faucet to allow the Enfroc team to take their technology on the road for trade shows, demonstrations, and potential investors.

The sink and motion activated faucet are fully functional, as is the automatic soap dispenser.  When operated, the soap dispenser triggers the LCD and an instructional video plays with detailed hand washing instructions.  What is more, the operation of the dispenser also locks out the faucet for 20 seconds – the time recommended by the CDC for proper hand washing.  This renders the faucet unable to dispense water for 20 seconds encouraging the user to utilize proper hand washing technique for the CDC recommended length of time.  The entire logic of the system runs on a Raspberry Pi with additional custom built circuits.


The water delivery is completely portable and includes a reservoir for used water that goes down the drain.

The plumbing, circuitry, programming, and all carpentry work was done in house by the Edge Prototype team using the highest quality components and craftsmanship.

The Power Glide Barbell


The Power Glide Barbell is the next evolution of the barbell, saving gym-goers and individuals valuable work-out time by increasing exercise efficiency. Along with reducing undesirable strain on the shoulder during bench press, the natural motion opens up a fresh new class of exercises that are not available without this technology. Two examples of these new exercises include the natural glide military press and natural glide bent-over rows. For gym owners, this exercise product will supplant rows of ridiculously heavy dumbbells that are typically neglected. Also eliminated are the injuries to gym members caused by transporting and heaving into position these heavy dumbbells. The bar is gym-ready, low maintenance, and fully interchangeable with existing benches and weight plates. The Power Glide Barbell was invented and developed by the Edge Prototype team.


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